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Building a Live and Earn Future

Explore The Garden


PROJECT BUTTERFLY is building a consumer alliance, curating exciting opportunities for people to convert everyday behavior into rewards, experiences, and an ownership stake in the future internet economy. Join us as we take the first steps.

Here’s how it works

  • Members of PROJECT BUTTERFLY who join us during our launch are equipped with GENESIS WINGS - a limited edition collectible passport into the world of opportunity that is PROJECT BUTTERFLY.

  • Your WINGS unlock premium access to THE GARDEN, a digital land of opportunity to earn rewards and experiences by engaging with artists, brands, and others who have joined the alliance.

Building a Live-and-Earn Future

Explore The Garden

Discover Live and Earn opportunities, concert tickets, experiences, digital art, product drops, NCTR bounties and more to be unveiled…

Powered By NCTR?

NCTR ("Nectar") is the Network Contribution Token Reward system, and the life force fueling PROJECT BUTTERFLY. The more NCTR you collect, the more powerful and exciting your rewards become. Visit THE GARDEN to discover MISSIONS, your daily opportunity to earn NCTR.

Brands? Rewards?

Sounds fun to me!

We’re an alliance, not anarchists.

We’re not throwing a molotov cocktail at capitalism– we’re evolving it. Creating a colorful, new economy that benefits both people and businesses through more sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships. Our model recognizes what you already know, that you are freakin’ valuable.

Join the Evolution

PROJECT BUTTERFLY gives your power back to you. In THE GARDEN, you only interact with the brands and communities that support and interest you. Offering NCTR, brands have an honest way of attracting and rewarding their most valuable asset—YOU!